While we have already revealed that Juno Award Winning Blues Musician “Jim Byrnes” will be performing at our first ever Virtual Canada Day celebration this year, event organizers from the Centennial Museum and the Township of Langley are also bringing a few other great performers to entertain.

“Zulu Panda”, “Norden the Magician – Children’s Entertainer of the Year- 2018″,“the Langley Ukulele Ensemble”, “Penny Pom Pom” and a second award winning singer songwriter “Norine Braun” will begin performing online at 7pm. While the entertainers begin performing in the evening, the virtual celebration will be all day long beginning at 9:00am with multiple activities and things to do embedded in the Township of Langley Canada Day website:


Zulu Panda moves from our Street Stage in 2019 to our Virtual Stage for 2020