One of Canada’s Top African Performing Arts groups based out of Vancouver will be participating in Langley’s First Ever Virtual Canada Day Celebration. Kunda African Culture Music & Dance will provide audiences a great online experience. The Mandingo word “Kunda” means “family”, a fitting name for this multicultural duo, Kocassale Dioubate a descendant of his Mandingo-tribe “griot” (traditional musicians, singers, storytellers and oral historians) from Guinea, West Africa and Canadian-born partner Sasha Belle, share their passion through interactive cultural music, dance performances, and workshops for children, youth and adults.

Kunda African Culture and Dance are driven to share their heritage through music and dance, promoting respect and awareness of ethnic diversity, and encouraging people of all backgrounds to unify in peace and harmony, as one world, one love and one people. They believe music and dace are universal languages, found in all cultures, that provide a means of communication for all peoples regardless of ethnic origin, language, colour or age.

They are committed to creating a sustainable future for Guinea and other impoverished areas of West Africa by providing a portion of proceeds from events, workshops, and merchandise sales, to families and communities in West Africa.

To learn more about Kunda African Culture and Dance or to purchase classes and merchandise, visit their website: