If you loved their performance at the Fort Langley Canada Day Celebrations last year you are definitely going to enjoy their virtual presentation at this year celebration.

The Langley Ukulele ensemble is a group of young musicians, ambassadors and volunteers that have spent nearly four decades impressing audiences locally and internationally.

The group started performing in our community for seniors, school groups and clubs but quickly began receiving invitations to perform on an international stage. For the past 25 years, the group has attracted large audiences during their annual tours to The Sheraton Waikiki Resort and at the Hawaii International Ukulele Festival. They have toured across Canada and have been featured in many other major music festivals including the Stratford Summer Music Festival, the New York Ukulele Festival, the Whistler Arts Council Festival and the Canadian National Exhibition.

The group has also recorded 15 albums, available for purchase on their website, https://www.langleyukes.com/store. Their most recent album “One Love, One Heart” was released in 2019, under the guidance of current director Paul Luongo. It features recognizable hit summer songs from the ‘60s and ‘70’s. They are considered musical pillars of our community, as they continue to perform at various venues and events throughout the lower mainland including the Township of Langley’s Virtual Canada Day event.  View their introduction video below to learn more about this very talented Metro Vancouver and world touring group!