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Langley Centennial Museum Volunteers and Staff in the Mayday Parade

Fort Langley Mayday would have been celebrating its 98th year anniversary this year and so the Langley Centennial Museum and the Fort Langley Lions Club are partnering to organize a “Virtual Celebration of this Event” and is seeking photographs and videos (or film on Super) to create a memorable experience.  Celebrated annually each year on Victoria Day, May Day is one of those special community events that draws thousands of people into the Fort Langley Village.  The Parade typically begins at 11 am but this year because of the COVID-19 crisis, the organizers worked with the Langley Centennial Museum to ensure the show goes on.

To view the celebration on May 18, 2020 check out the Langley Centennial Museum website here

May Day 2020 Fort Langley