Three hundred years in the future, the polar ice caps have melted, the climate has changed dramatically and the super-continent of Asia no longer contains the flooded out coastal countries.

There has been mass emigration from Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea and coastal China, with the result that multicultural communities have been forced to live together and work together to survive.

Many wars and territorial skirmishes over the centuries have reduced the population to a near-feudal state again. This is where we find that one town, Verona, has been placed under strict martial law with curfews and patrols to keep the citizens from open warfare in the street.

It is a city trying to make its way forward amidst deeply rooted traditions in conflict.

Capulet, a majority landowner in the area, tries to lead by example: strength in solidarity.

His household still feels protective against the encroaching Montague family, who won many allies through its ingenuity in battle and fierce joy and discipline in its barracks.

The two heirs of these families, Juliet and Romeo respectively, meet accidentally and realize that love, regardless of race and tradition, has a power greater than that of hate to drive change.

SHOW TIME AT 7PM at the Fort Langley Community Hall


The play will be directed by Jacq Ainsworth. Jacq has been a member of the BIV team from the beginning. She was on stage in the first show in 2010, and was an acting coach for Twelfth Night.

She has also had roles in The Tempest, MacBeth and Comedy of Errors with Bard on the Bandstand and directed Homechild for Surrey Little Theatre. She is a UBC English Literature major with a minor in Theatre.

In 2016, Jacq earned the World Champion title in Taekwondo sparring and brings with her a wealth of knowledge of martial arts which she will be drawing on to create the cultural climate of Romeo and Juliet.

Jacq’s version of this Shakespearean classic will have an international flare with martial arts fight scenes accompanied by a taiko drum band.