If you are still trying to figure out where to celebrate Canada day, consider this . . . Fort Langley was created in 1827 to establish British control of the territory and stem the tide of American Traders moving up the Pacific Northwest Coast.  In March 1858, when gold was along the shores of the Fraser River attracting 30,000 American prospectors to the area, the British Government acted quickly to establish a crown colony on the mainland.  In November of that year, James Douglas, the Governor of Vancouver Island, came to Fort Langley to declare the territory British Columbia.

So if there be any place in the Province that could claim a starring role in the birth of our nation, it would be Fort Langley !  Soon after Douglas’s declaration of the crown colony, Royal Engineers from England were dispatched to the area to built roads, build cities and stake out the 49th parallel that would define the Canadian border.

So we invite you to celebrate the 151st anniversary of the birth of a nation in the village where British Columbia was born.  Visit the Fort National Historic Site, The Langley Centennial Museum, and the BC Farm Museum to learn about local history.  Celebrate Canada Day with a total cultural experience that blends, heritage, arts and culture into a fun street party.  Oh Canada !  Party where British Columbia was born.  The fun begins at 10 am on King Street in Fort Langley, British Columbia.


Funded by the Government of Canada through the department of Canadian Heritage !

So if you are looking for places to go in Metro Vancouver on Canada Day consider Fort Langley.  There is free admission to the Fort National Historic Site.  Free entertainment on the street at the Museums on King.  A Shakespearean play at the Old Community Hall – Romeo and Juliet. Magicians, Stiltwalkers and other performers throughout the community. Great local restaurants and lots of wholesome family fun and games. Many things to do and see !