Garth was born and raised in Surrey, and has lived most of his adult life there.  His interest in music began at a young age, singing and learning the accordion and then singing in the choir and learning to play the piano in Grade Seven and throughout high school.

Garth and Kevin have been friends since grade school and had their first band at age 13.  They have played on the worship teams at church. Garth comes from a musical family – his mother and father both played and sang; as well as his four older sisters and older brother.  It was Garth’s older brother, Garry, that taught Kevin to play guitar when he was 11.  Kevin now teaches guitar to others.  Garth learned to play guitar in his late teens when his older brother asked him to join his band.

For the past few years, Garth has been playing at local restaurants and coffee houses and has quite a following.  You can catch him playing and singing in a duo with his childhood friend, Kevin, on his own or with his band, Garth and the Guys.    The musical preference is rockabilly, as well as songs from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s – old time rock and roll, country and Gospel.